We must act now to reduce Denver’s carbon pollution.

We have a basic responsibility to leave a better world for our kids, but unchecked pollution is putting the health and future of our children at risk.

2A means a better and healthier future for our children and grandchildren.

2A will help reduce Denver’s carbon pollution and it’s impacts by: 

Clean Energy Jobs

Creating jobs in renewable, clean energy and natural resource management

Renewable Energy Investments

Increasing investment in solar power, battery storage and other renewable energy technology

Transportation Alternatives

Providing affordable, clean, safe and reliable transportation choices that have less environmental impact

Energy Efficiency

Upgrading energy efficiency to reduce carbon usage, utility bills and indoor air pollution 

Neighborhood Programs

Neighborhood based environmental programs

Prepare Changing Climate

Empowering vulnerable communities to prepare for a changing climate  

2A targets half of the revenue raised, over the life of the fund, to communities that have historically been polluted and left behind.

Low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately hurt by climate change, with higher rates of asthma, more pollution, and infrastructure that is less prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Denver’s Climate Action Task Force Report

This report was written by Denver’s Climate Action Task Force and is the impetus for 2A.

2A would increase sales taxes in Denver by .25% or  25 cents on every $100 purchase.

This increase would raise between $36 -$40 million each year. 70% of the revenue would come from visitors to Denver. The money can only be spent on programs that eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution and adapt Denver’s communities to a changing climate.